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Homeopathic acute therapy
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Homeopathy in Acutes

Acute conditions can be sucessfully treated in many cases by an experienced homeopathic doctor. In the following pages always 3-4 very often used remedies for a certain complaint are listed. If you want to use homeopathic remedies for you or your children please note:

Self-treatment can never replace a medical doctor!!

The listed remedies are always only a small part of all the possible remedies for such an illness. Only the well-trained homeopathic doctor can differentiate according to the actual symptoms which remedy fits the actual case. You can use these remedies in easy cases or as start of the treatment before you reach your personal doctor.

Acute Infections

Monkshood - Ranunculaceae

Beginning of an infection!!
violent, suddenly, following cold, dry weather or sharp, cold wind
In beginning symptomacology with sneezing, chill one dose of Acon. C30 can prevent a cold from breaking out! (Can be used also prophylactycally!!)

Dry mucous membranes, at the beginning chilliness, then quickly hot and red.
Pulse quick, hard, full. Dry cough
Head heavy and hot.
Fever quickly rising with shaking.Nightly anxiety and palpitation.

Deadly Nightshade - Solanaceae

sudden onset and sudden end of fever!!
Perspiration and violent burning Pains!
Caused by draft, uncovered head, cold wind

cold, draft, uncovering, night, after midnight, lying down
rest, sitting or standing erect, warm room,
Skin is red, dry, burning hot, Face red and hot, hands and feet cold!!!
Restlessness, sees ghosts, arouses
very sensitive to noise, light, touch
Heavily pulsating carotids
Thirst for cold water!

Ferrum phosphoricum
Phophate of Iron

Slow Onset of a feverish infection.
Thirst for large quantities.
In spite of fFever cChild is cheerful and plays.
No clear Aggravations and Ameliorations.
Espescially children are not much affected by fever.
After Ferr-p. they start to sweat warm, their mood calms down and sleep is becoming recreative.

Hepar sulphuris
(Sulfur and Oyster's shell heated together)

Very irritable, sensitive and partly ggressive!
Extreme Sensitivity to Cold and Draft!!
amel. wet weather, damp heat, warm wrapping
Discharges are profuse, putrid, smell like old cheese, or sour, watery, excoriating, like glue
Sneezing in cold wind, when uncovered, on ebcoming cold.
Coryza with laryngitis, scurfy nostrils

Desire for Sour Food and Drinks, Vinegar, Spices
General Tendency for Suppurations (often follows Mercury!).


Is an unspecific remedy at the start of a catarrhal infection: fluent coryza without clear ameliorations or aggravations, just a bit of sore throat. When given in the initial stage it may prevent the full outbreak of the illness.

Euphrasia officinalis

mild fluent coryza with acrid excoriating tears
agg. In the sun, wind, warm room, evening,
amel. in open air.
Cough amel. when lying, with lachrymation.
Mainly the eyes are affected!


burning tears, sneezing followed by lachrymation! Lachrymation while yawning.
Stitching headache above the eyes, red margins of lids.
Obstruction of alternating nostrils.
Itching of the nose, rubs hios nose.
Very strong cramping sneezing with running nose.
agg. cold air, in springtime
amel. in warmth
Heat of the face,
Dryness and scratching in the throat, constant disposition to hawk.
Very sensitive to cold, heat of the heat without thirst.


Every cough-state should be examined by a doctor to exclude a severe diagnosis as pneumonia or pleuritis!


morose, irritated, wants to be let in peace.
Dryness of mucous membranes, lips dry and cracked, m stool dry and hard.
Stitching pains! Screams of the pains when coughing.
Holds his chest with the hands while coughing.
Hard, dry painful cough worse on right side.
agg. Mmotion! Deep breathing, raising of arms
amel. Iduring rRest, pressure, lying on the painful side, in open air
strong thirst for large quantities!!


High sensitivity of all senses, restless, anxious, esescially when alone.
Deep hoarse voice, burning in the air-passages.
Tormenting painful cough, holds his chest with his hands while coughing, has to sit up.
agg. Lying left side and on back, cold air, walking in open air, cold drinks, after eating
amel. Turning to right side, motion.
Very thirsty, likes cold drinks.


violent cramping cough, painful, exhausting, deep with hoarse voice, spells of cough follow each other quickly, suffocarive feeling,
awakens during the night through coughing, grasps his throat while coughing,
agg. Evening, after midnight, when lying down in bed, in warm room, laughing, after eating and drinking,
amel. While walking, holding the stomach area, in open air,
Dryness, irritation, tickling and constricion in the larynx area.

Spongia tosta
(toasteddried sea-sponge)

hollow deep cough with hoarseness
agg. Talking, singing, swallowing, cold drinks, cold wind, eating sweets, waking from sleep
amel. Warm drinks, eating!!
Pain in larynx by touch, coughing
awakens from sleep by suffocative feelings!!
Larynx very sensitive to cold air.
Hoarse voice during coryza

Stomach disorders

Nux vomica

key symptom: Spasms
Pressure in stomach 1 or 2 hours after eating
too much, too heavy and fat food
Abuse of alcohol, tobacco, medicines, purgatives
complaints after operations (narcotic substances)
nervous tension, excitement, anger

spastical constipation

chilly people, who are sensitive to draft and dry cold air. They prefer wet weather.
They crave stimulants, spicy and fat food
Pains are cramping, stitching, cutting
agg. after eating, morning, cold
amel. warmth (air, applications and drinks)
They are irritable, impatient and tend to bursts of anger.


strong flatulence!!
all kinds of gastrointestinal disturbances (diarrhea, constipation, pains, dyspepsia,liver problems, pancreas insufficiency, hemorrhoids,...)
bloated abdomen soon after eating
can only eat few although hungry (early satiety)
constipation when travelling and away from home

intolerant of pressure on abdomen, has to loosen the clothing.
May be chilly or warm-blooded, but most of the complaints >> by warmth

agg. afternoon 4 - 8 p.m., onions, flatulent food, oysters, cold food and drinks, right side
amel. warm food and drinks, loosening of clothes

desire mainly for sweets
irritable, but tends to suppress his anger.


thirstless and intolerant of warmth
stomach pain and diarrhea after fat food (especially pork), fruit and ice-cream
vomiting and pain in stomach after eating
stitching pains agg. with every step
changeable stools (everything is changeable)
agg. warmth, rest, twilight
amel. motion, cold and open air

mild and changeable temper
desire for company, better when consoled

Antimonium crudum

key symptom: thick white coated tongue
agg. sour food and drinks, milk, fat, hot weather, sun, cold bathing
change of diarrhea and constipation, eructations of sour food and vomiting
children who eat too much, become obese, are cross and do not want to be looked at and touched.
Adults tend to have callosities, warts and cracks in hands and feet.
They are better in fresh air, rest and after a warm bath.


Attention!! Injuries have always to be treated conventionally! Homeopathic remedies cannot replace an effective wound-care but only support it it in the way of a better and quicker healing-tendency.


Leopard's Bane - Asteraceae

For all open and closed wounds, no matter what tissue is affected, even when the trauma happened long time ago! Useful also after operations. Stops tendency to bleed! Relieves traumatic shock!

Complaints after over-exertion (strong physical work). Has difficulty to recover from it.
Quality of pain sore, bruised.

agg. touch, Patient does not want to be examined. Motion, Night.
amel. Rest, Lying with Head low.


St. John's Wort - Hypericaceae

Remedy for all tissues with many fine nerves, as fingers, toes, peripherical nerves, ...

Also for injuries of the spine, brain.
Pains after trauma, e.g. chronic headache since concussion of the brain, injuries of the cervical spine (whip-lash).

Neuralgic, shooting-in-pains! Almost unbearable.


Comfrey - Boraginaceae

Main remedy after fractures of bones!!
Ameliorates and quickens the building of the callus.
Fractures heal quicker!!
Follows Arnica (given the first Days). Best used in low potency (D4 - D6) over 3 or 4 Weeks.

Also well used in injuries of the cartilagues and periostium.
Main remedy after blunt traumas of the eyeball.

Rhus toxicodendron

Poison Ivy - Anacardiaceae

Main remedy for sprains and distorsions.
Injuries of muscles and tendons.

Sensation of stiffness or shortened sensation.

agg. cold, beginning motion, cold-wet weather,
amel. warmth, continued motion

Lumbar Pain after lifting, getting wet, becoming cold after perspiration

Extreme restlessness, must constantly move!!
Important remedy in rheumatic illnesses!

Many skin affections, mainly with vesicles.


AGG. means aggravation. Complaints becoming worse by ...
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