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Acupuncture is part of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). This medicine has been practiced in China for more than 3000 years.

The basis of every acupuncture treatment is an energetical diagnosis. On this basis the acupuncture points are selected that are punctured later. The whole human body is regulated and nurtured by the vital energy Ki (or Chi) that circulates in meridians (you can compare them to our blood vessels and nerves).

If there is health the Ki circulates fluently without any stronger interruptions or blockades. When illness develops the flow of the Ki is disturbed. Causes for illnesses may be outer reasons like influences of climate like cold, hot, wind, wet, dryness or mistakes in nutrition or inner causes as emotions like grief, anger, anxiety, sadness, … Either we see cases of blockage or stagnation or cases of deficiency. And these patterns of illness occur in different parts of the organism that are defined by the meridians and their links to the inner organs.

The experienced doctor can recognize in what part of the body what kind of energy-disbalance is found and how it can be neutralized or removed. That leads him/her to the selection of a special group of acupuncture-points to treat the disease. With acupuncture-needles pointed into the special points the flow of the Ki can be influenced and so – on the next level – organs may be reinforced or pathological influences may be released or weakened etc.

Acupuncture is very sucessful in treating pains (which are in TCM mostly an effect of stagnated energy). We use it often in pains of the musculosceletal system like cervical syndrom, sciatica, lumbago, vertebral pains in general, neuralgias like trigeminus or facial, intercostal, migraine and headaches, tennis arm, ...

The usual frequency of the therapy is once a week. Normally one can see within 3 – 5 treatments if the reaction is positive or not. Depending on the severity of the complaints 10 to 30 treatments are necessary. In chronic complaints it may be useful to make a series of 10 – 15 treatments once or twice a year.

In acute complaints it may be necessary to treat twice or three times a week in the first acute part of the treatment and then reduce to once a week. - Practice Dr. Reinhard Flick, A-1070 Wien Mar.2024 [Contact] [Legal info]